Stepping into the arena full of urban art, I caught Felipe Talu in action.

Sunday, 18 June, Eindhoven: This month is all about enjoying outdoors. The spring is in the air. Urban artists were undergrounded. Stepping into the arena full of urban art in the undergrounds of Eindhoven. I caught Felipe Talú from Rio de Janeiro. The graffiti artist spared me a few minutes to tell me the story behind his inspiration.

I caught Felipe Talu from Rio de Janeiro. The graffiti artist spared me a few minutes. He says when I ask about the story behind his drawings:

” My grafitti is basically bold and colourful.

I have no gifted inspiration. As for the drawings, I make them as it comes. I love bold fonts. Grafitti is an art that everyone can do it. You only need to make it personal. Believe in yourself. You’ll  fullfil your dreams!”

Overview of the urban art









Call for crowdfunding – 30 years of the MUNGANGA theater group in a book!

The MUNGANGA theater group exists 30 years. Their first performance in Dutch soil was in 1987. In June 2017, their story of theater productions, creative charity projects, and artistic people will be summarized in a book. Support their project!

In 2014, MUNGANGA brought me joy at first sight. That’s when Carlos and Claudia, together with volunteers opened the doors of the theater in Amsterdam Zuid. This place combines theater, art, culture, leisure and education.

Little do I or you know about their thirty years, but I am sure this book will bring together laughter and unique stories.

So let’s help them publish their book so that we can discover all about their creative journey.

You can watch the video (English/Dutch).

Support their project via Book 30 jaar MUNGANGA


Hear, hear! My thoughts on the Fashion Revolution week

I know who made my hat because Bello&Eco made sure that the women artisans in the north of Peru sustain their families.[/caption]

The Fashion Revolution week is timeless

I buy clothing and I certainly complete my outfit with elegant accessories that make me look good. It feels great to be stylish. Greater feeling, when I know the designer or brand has ethical standards. That all the process from production to delivery is transparent. Making sure the people involved in the production earned their fair wages in good working conditions.

Since the tragic event of Rana Plaza, the secret of cheap clothing on fast fashion is revealed. Plenty of reasons for the fashion industry to become aware of waste disposal, carbon releases, poor working conditions, human and animal rights. All these issues are important to the feel good: mind, body, and spirit. The planet also benefits from this feel. The world is better, and you look and feel beautiful.

My age of wellbeing 

I ran “just” 5 kilometers at The Utrecht Science Park marathon today, but for me, this was a marvelous triumph. From the start to the finish I got the adrenaline working on my body. I managed to keep my smile and my ladylike style.

My womanly mindset won after all. We have this power inside us which I call as an age of wellbeing. If you want something badly and really have the dedication to go for it, it’s possible.



The Sue Rebel catwalk rolls at Mercedes-Benz fashion week Amsterdam

Sunday afternoon:

The front row was in an exciting mood for Sue Rebel.


The collection involved the 70’s, the punk twist and the present street style. Denim embellished jackets, trousers, and skirts; striped tops and lots more.

Sue’s warriors showcased clothing made with care and plenty of fashion awareness to the woman, bonded or not to a wheelchair.

Yes, I “selfie” too!

Why not? I dare to wear a dramatic pink color, but a second opinion helps.

I take a “selfie” too. There are moments that you just cannot see another option.The popularity of “selfies” these days are outrageous. One thinks is vanity, others like me just a way of a second opinion. Shopping these days is easy with selfies. Take it and send it to the person you know will reply instantly: yes, yes get it now!!!

img_1520I was at H&M trying on this skirt which comes in my favorite shade of pink. It was just right above the waist. Which accents my curves and elongates my petite figure. It was at an affordable price as well as visible quality.

When I thought of the beautiful fashion trends.Dramatic colors such as this pink skirt match perfectly with a basic or chic top. I should not have any doubts to buy it.

I did not buy it because the length was too long for my petite figure. I didn’t’ want to take any risk having such fine fabric altered.

The lady in pink is always as sophisticated as graceful.

Vogue photo


My review on Cape Verde.

Every now and then, one has to try escaping from the hectic life and step into their own little fairy tale.

While everyone was preparing for their winter holiday, we had our mindset into a sunny one. With days enjoying the sunlight.

Our little fairy tale this time was Cape Verde, at the island called Sal. It is not so green, but its beauty is hidden behind the luxuries of the hotels.

This beauty is a magnificent beach with a crystal clear ocean. Not to mention the laid-back atmosphere created by the “no-stress” mentality of the inhabitants.

In the morning, clouds occasionally covered the sun before being blown away by the wind. This was just the time the entertainers would appear to engage us in the activities at the beach.  The rhythm of the traditional dance of Cape Verde called Funana was contagious. Everyone was dancing to the beat of the Creole music.

The next village was just a walk away from the hotel, the village called Santa Maria.

There you could get an overview of the simplistic lifestyle of the locals. Their social habits such as going to the church service on Sundays.

In the evenings, after long walks along the shore or visiting the village,  we enjoyed the Riu Funana hotel experience.

There we had delicious choices of buffet restaurants, so dinner was always a pleasant moment. 

Afterward, we could enjoy the events around the hotel brought to us by the entertainment team. Every night we were spoiled with a fantastic performance: live music, musical, and comedy.


This is a place to go for some days, create your fairy story, enjoy the simplest moments and relax with the one you love.

Sustainable fashion Thursday: Bello & Eco

In the fair trade week in Utrecht, I found Bello & Eco

Their philosophy  is based on promoting goods that are beautiful and durable.

I got my eyes in this elegant, yet casual hat, the fashionable addition to my sustainable-conscious style.

The hat is made from Toquilla straw ( Carloduvica Palmata), a natural fiber known for its reusable properties. The artisans from northern Peru use the fiber to handcraft beautiful accessories while working in good conditions for a fair wage.

Carmen, Bello & Eco owner, sent the hat via the post with a lovely surprise, a mini-bag made with the same fiber. It is flexible, neatly  finished  and promises durability.



Hendrikje, the museum of bags.

Amsterdam, Tassenmuseum Hendrikje:

The museum of bags is a must-see place when you are in The Netherlands. You can spend quality time with your girly friends. It is easily reached by public transport.

Image by Tassenmuseum Hendrikje

You can enjoy a fabulous fashion high-tea. Check their website for details on the reservation.
In the collection, you will see traditional to modern bags.

At the moment the museum is holding the “Royal bags” exhibition, and “yes”, you will see the famous Grace Kelly one.

You will get inspired by vintage accessories. Be surprised by inventive style made by various materials.

More importantly, you will see that the “bag” factor is a question of style. They vary in size, shape, and purpose. What matters is the person who carries “IT”.

Public parties with Placebo

Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam-

New releases and classic tracks, a moment of silence for Mr. Bowie made the party more special. Ladies, gentlemen, and in-between were dancing in harmony.

No black, no white, but colors.

So many lovely brands I discovered at the Fair Fashion Festival in Utrecht.




Spring and summer 2017 in Argentina by Verel, a twist of fashion and tradition.

street-style-by-verelElena Wetzel, Verel’s owner, and designer says that her fashion concept is:”una serena sabiduría y clásica seducción entre la mujer y la moda.”

In my understanding, the concept is clearly seen in the 2017 Spring-Summer collection. A combination of wisdom and a classic seduction between woman and fashion.

For this S/S-17. Elena re-conceptualizes fashion from the colonial Argentina.

This collection assembles off-shoulder tops, maxi skirts, dresses, pantaloons and, divine accessories. Made from the finest materials such as leather, lace, organza, ruffles and, silk chiffon.

Fair Fashion Festival reveals 

The green catwalk ready to unveil some Dutch ethical fashion brands-

The runaway…


Meeting 90-year-old Ms. Monroe!

De Nieuwe Kerk, Amsterdam: The venue dates centuries back, 1409. De Nieuwe Kerk is a place of worship turned into the cultural meeting point in the heart of Amsterdam. Underneath its historical memories lies plenty of pride and prejudice. Every part of its structure is an attention-grabber: the pipe organs, the stained glass windows, the mixture of the flooring.

No other place would be more suitable to meet the 90-year-old Ms. Monroe!

Ready at the door, Ms. Monroe in her fresh and free-spirited look invites visitors to the exhibition. img_1168-1

Inside is an art installation featuring the scene (film The Seven Year Itch)  in her famous white dress designed by William Travilla in 1955.

A documentary with highlights of her life runs in the dark room just underneath it.

Then a corridor leads observers to Marilyn’s intimate belongings and adventures. 

Ms. Monroe certainly knew how to keep up with her gorgeousness.   She wore eye-gel-mask to look refreshing. Her artificial eyelashes were still intact along with her Revlon, Elizabeth Arden eyeliner, and mascara. The used daily cream by Erno Laszlo. Even her hair kept on the hair-rollers. She wore Channel 5 to bed and, Emilio Pucci designs was a must-have in her wardrobe. img_1169-1


She dreamed of a career so she walked to it. The whole world will never forget her. Her style still is inspiring generations. 

She was 36 years old when she, unfortunately, passed away, looking amazing as she always did. Rumors apart, the cause of death was due to her dependence on sleeping pills and her fondness for champagne with Moët&Chandon being her favourite.

At the gift shop, visitors can purchase Marilyn anything: postcards with her looks, reading glasses, her popular quotes, the bottle of Channel 5. The iconic Andy Warhol’s Marilyn prints were on books, umbrellas, jewelry.

All items exhibited are an archive of Ted Stampfer.


Premiere Bridget Jones – all-by-myself!

I certainly had to see as soon as possible so I got myself the last chair at the cinema nearby. Not so glamorous as the other times in London. My dear friends here, in The Netherlands,  had a busy schedule. So I got myself the last chair in the cinema nearby, Wolff in Nieuwegein, not so glamorous one but cozy!

Obviously, such a romcom première is always an excuse for a perfect gathering for  business women, fashion, and beauty:

The ladies who make an important roll in the Pregnancy and birth centre
The ladies from the Pregnancy and birth center in Nieuwegein.
Australian cosmetics based on natural ingredients
Beauty Consultant Nutrimetics


Beauty and makeup consultant De Ratelaar
Beauty and makeup consultants from De Ratelaar beauty center

Bridget Jones turned 43 with a perfect package, Mr. Darcy, and a baby!

Well, I was a little disappointed by the aged-looking of Bridget. Surely I look younger than her in my almost 43 years! She probably became a successful news producer, and the stress  is too much. Or she was broken-heart for so long because of the failure relationship with Mr. Darcy.

Nonetheless, I was content  to see parts of London I use to walk when commuting to work or going out. As usual, I laugh loudly with her clumsiness, and so did everyone else.

A cup of coffee just like back home – cafezinho do Brasil by Nespresso.

As soon as I walked into the Nespresso boutique in Utrecht, I could not believe that they were ready to serve me my “cafezinho”!
Before I revealed my brasileirice, I listened the sales assistant talking passionately about the Brazilian way of drinking the “cafezinho” and about the strength of the coffee beans from Brazil.
I was impressed that Nespresso brought me this special treat to my coffee moment.

That Selfriges experience at De Bijenkorf Amsterdam

As I enter the store, this scented ground floor  with luxurious brands brings back lovely memories of my Selfridges experience.
I have not felt like this since London when I worked for Fenn Wright Manson. I used to love the shop floor at Selfridges and Elys.

I could happily work in this retail environment again!

Glamour in the windows and  visual displaying.