Closed down HENDRIKJE, THE MUSEUM OF BAGS in AMsterdam


New memories

Sadly Covid-19 promoted losses of lives, closed down inspiring venues such as HENDRIKJE, THE MUSEUM OF BAGS. This cultural venue won’t open anymore. It only kept memories of joyful moments and inspiration.
The museum of bags Hendrikje is not open to visit its fabulous collections but still is an inspirational source.

With my bags collection, a new memory registered. Through the lenses of photographer Bogna Postepska, I could showcase my fashion style.

This post from 2016 is in past tense now

Amsterdam, Tassenmuseum Hendrikje:

The museum of bags is a must-see place when you are in The Netherlands. You can spend quality time with your girly friends. It is easily reached by public transport.

You can enjoy a fabulous fashion high-tea. Check their website for details on the reservation.
In the collection, you will see traditional to modern bags.

At the moment the museum is holding the “Royal bags” exhibition, and “yes”, you will see the famous Grace Kelly one.

You will get inspired by vintage accessories. Be surprised by inventive style made by various materials.

More importantly, you will see that the “bag” factor is a question of style. They vary in size, shape, and purpose. What matters is the person who carries “IT”.


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