Open-hearted experience in Kenya with Graziana Zanin

The File Style

Experience, to some, is a journey registered in particular ways, engraved on one’s heart. Passion guided discoveries, accumulating memories of unique moments. Lockdown was for Graziana Zanin this, an unforgettable experience.

Italian blood runs in her veins and also in the romantic way she describes her life experiences.

Lockdown is softening in the Netherlands. Less distant than the video-calls, Graziana and I met in Arnhem, Netherlands, in the assurance that we both were COVID-19-free.

With her background in fashion design, a bright world opens ahead because as she says “with everything that she does, she puts passion above all, regarding work and people”.

Openly, she speaks about her relationships and the passengers in her life-journey. With an open heart, she describes her likes and dislikes regarding her ideal holidays, luxury hotels in France or Italy. “Never going to the bushes”, her quote to a holiday to Africa. How on earth…

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