Repost: “Woven in true colours” – The File Style

written by Sandra Porto

I am delighted to meet the work of the photographer Janssem Cardoso, full of diversity, identity and humanity.
Read more about his ‘Other Colours’ project and his experience during the lockdown, through Sandra Porto’s article for The File Style.

The File Style

By Sandra Porto

Unmasked humanity creates unique tapestry in Janssem Cardoso’s photography.

Love, compassion and tolerance are often quoted as good qualities to possess and to live a good life; but the Brazilian photographer and videographer has gone beyond personal traits to incorporate them into the very fabric of his work.

Among his short movies and exquisite photography, a common thread of humanity, vulnerability and warmth links his subjects with incredible results, which are always touching and simultaneously provoking.

Mastering imagery in such a powerful way, you’d be forgiven to think he’d done nothing else apart from photography. But his journey didn’t necessarily start behind the lens: “I was studying Graphic Design at university and photography was one of the subjects – I just fell in love with it.” From there, he got a job at an animation studio where he was placed in a fast lane leading to the…

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