Meet Ludwig Rondón – the file style

by Claudia Falcão

The File Style

A not one composition might be fairly complex in its structure. Several arrangements and notes play an essential role in each performance. The tune identified can be as mellow and as crispy depending on the strings attached. When having the aptitude of learning by ear, all chords and pitches fit creatively, but it is all a learning process. That is the ethos of Ludwig Rondon in his path to becoming a reputable classical guitarist and educator.

The teenage Ludwig Rondón born in Curaçao moved to the Netherlands in 1986 to study architecture but little did he know he had that musician sparkle hidden that later turned into a passion.

As an introduction about himself, Ludwig Rondón starts the conversation with his untypical story as he says: “My story is not typical…I got my first guitar when I was fifteen years old. I just played as a hobby!”

How did you…

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