Autumn styling at the Eye

The journey to building a styling portfolio began already when attending the fashion styling course at Danie Bles school. What a wonderful experience. From dressing up models at the fashion week Amsterdam to learning from the best professionals such as Jetteke van Lexmond and Danie Bles herself.

What’s next? Well, collaborating with photographers, make-up artists and model agencies are crucial steps when building up a portfolio.

We gather together at the Eye filmmuseum in Amsterdam to shoot the autumn inspired mood board.

With credits as follow so that you can find the creative minds behind this artwork on Instagram.

17 October 2020 at the Eye filmmuseum in Amsterdam

Styling @byclaudiafalcao
Collaborative work with:
Photographer: Amal @photoshootsinstyle
Hair: @rosa.marsman
Make-up artist: @angeliquedilaya.muah
Model from @lindamodels: @myrthe.minnesma


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