Catching daylights

Every year we turn our minds to some new beginnings. Sometimes, we go forward; others, we stick to the most comfortable of the thoughts instead of taking advantage of the weaves coming on our way, be that low or high. With covid-19, the waves were so high that even the oasis of a beautiful beach, with white sand and clear blue sky, was often impossible to reach.

Learning is a constant in our lives: how to be resilient, disciplined, and also faithful to your inner self.

The year 2022 is a year of a resurgence in action and success. When have we all abandoned our ability to appreciate sustainable living? Perhaps since we no longer express kindness and existence. As far as we know, the future is around the corner with its hazards but also futuristic social schemes. Nothing seems what it is like to as technology misrepresent or even master the perfection!

Yet, living without technology is not possible. With a smartphone, one can capture the eye-catching sunshine days.


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