Free to dream. Free to tell a story.

Last weekend was a great experience. There’s so much to discover, but I hold on to the moments that come at the right time. The inspiration comes along the path. I follow that direction.

Just naturally blended in

Sometimes I just let it surprise me. I was blending it in the most incredible scenery. The photographer knows what to capture. It is the nature of humanity to register everything. I am not different. The moment was perfect for a photo.The brightest environment enchanted me. All the shades of grey, blue, and green, and…

Autumn styling at the Eye

17 October 2020 at the Eye film museum in Amsterdam
Collaborative work with photographer Amal @photoshootsinstyle – hair @rosa.marsman – make-up @angeliquedilaya.muah – model @myrthe.minnesma @lindamodels

Meet Ludwig Rondón – the file style

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A not one composition might be fairly complex in its structure. Several arrangements and notes play an essential role in each performance. The tune identified can be as mellow and as crispy depending on the strings attached. When having the aptitude of learning by ear, all chords and pitches…

Repost: “Woven in true colours” – The File Style

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By Sandra Porto Unmasked humanity creates unique tapestry in Janssem Cardoso’s photography. Love, compassion and tolerance are often quoted as good qualities to possess and to live a good life; but the Brazilian photographer and videographer has gone beyond personal traits to incorporate them into the very fabric of…