2017: a year of achievements, discoveries and blog collaboration

It was a very good year for achievements, discoveries and blog collaboration. Looking back on 2017, one of the first memorable moments was the catwalk of Kelly Sue during Amsterdam fashion week. Her concept “Broken Crayons Still Color” highlighting diversity, was fascinating. The catwalk was so exquisite with these models in wheelchairs that are called “Sue Warriors”….

Earth Matters – remember that fashion world.

The exhibition “Earth Matters” at the Textile Museum in Tilburg is a call for me to keep admiring fashion designers and brand concepts that promote sustainability. The galleries of the museum were full of insightful content, with samples of botanical ingredients turned into a fashionable product without harming the environment. Conscient designers recycle, upcycles, collect and reinvent…

Hear, hear! My thoughts on the Fashion Revolution week

I know who made my hat because Bello&Eco made sure that the women artisans in the north of Peru sustain their families.
The Fashion Revolution week is timeless.

I buy clothing and I certainly complete my outfit with elegant accessories that make me look good. It feels great to be stylish. Greater feeling, when I know the designer or brand has ethical standards. That all the process from production to delivery is transparent. Making sure the people involved in the production earned their fair wages in good working conditions.

Since the tragic event of Rana Plaza, the secret of cheap clothing on fast fashion is revealed. Plenty of reasons for the fashion industry to become aware of waste disposal, carbon releases, poor working conditions

Sustainable fashion Thursday: Bello & Eco

In the fair trade week in Utrecht, I found Bello & Eco Their philosophy  is based on promoting goods that are beautiful and durable. I got my eyes in this elegant, yet casual hat, the fashionable addition to my sustainable-conscious style. The hat is made from Toquilla straw ( Carloduvica Palmata), a natural fiber known for its…

Sustainable fashion: SOLO eye care

Somehow I manage to find unique content on Sundays. Something that makes me proud of sharing. This is the case of SOLO eyewear. I found SOLO eyewear featured on  PERREAULT magazine, a publication by  Brigitte Perreault. She shares her discoveries which are usually great causes and social interests! Read PERREAULT – – July/August issue   When buying…

Sneak preview: Fuxico and vintage limited accessories collection

Made by  Visiting street markets and second-hand shops in London was always inspiring. I treasured for peculiar fabrics once (2010) to make cushions. I found this golden Indian textile and pearled adornments. I kept the left-overs as I had in mind to launch a limited edition of accessories. Something out of the box, romantic, chic and ethnic….

The “fuxico” patchwork technique in the fashion world

Simply the art of “fuxico” is considered to be Brazilian, but unfortunately there is nothing registered as far as I researched. Rumours are that this handcrafting technique started in Brazil dated back to slavery.  The word “fuxico” (read fushico!) is a Brazilian word for gossiping. Slaves were brought to Brazil by Europeans. It was a…