Design affair by Claudia Falcão

To some of you, my passion for design is not new. Finally, you can see the step forward of my project since the twenty cushion covers in 2010. Handmade jewellery collection is my latest issue I use haberdashery (for example buttons, zippers, ribbons), re-use available fabrics and vintage embellishments. The denim days are never over. These…

My flair for content

Brazilian Journalist and blogger writing unique stories and sharing them fairly.

My Sunday affair

Vleuten, Valentines Fair – I met talented woman with their ethnic flair.      

I wish …

   I could tell you each story, name each artisan behind the artwork sold at this fair-trade gift-shop, Wereldwinkel in Houten. Every time I am in the schedule to volunteer I find a piece of art that I would love to have it. With every product I discover a beautiful story.

Volunteering and learning

This week I started volunteering as a shop assistant at the Wereldwinkel in Houten. Already in the first day I had a great experience learning how to embellish gift wraps. It is wonderful to acknowledge that the company is truly to Fairtrade standards and sustainability. Every left over paper is recycled into something useful.