Just naturally blended in

Sometimes I just let it surprise me. I was blending it in the most incredible scenery. The photographer knows what to capture. It is the nature of humanity to register everything. I am not different. The moment was perfect for a photo.The brightest environment enchanted me. All the shades of grey, blue, and green, and…

My flair for content

Brazilian Journalist and blogger writing unique stories and sharing them fairly.

My Sunday affair

Vleuten, Valentines Fair – I met talented woman with their ethnic flair.      

4.0 women still need to be spoiled when they have the flu.

4. 0 women still need to be spoiled when they have flu. After all, there’s an awfully changing of this and that in our Body-mind-spirit. Something should not change, your confidence and self-esteem. You are the only one knowing how to stand up for Yourself. There are times, unexpectedly, an awful virus manifests itself. Taking your…