Style and Identity

That’s what matters for her composition

Sandra Porto, Brazilian journalist, co-founder of The File Style project tell us how she became appreciative of her identity in this period of lockdown.

As we ZOOM in, the image of a black-haired and enthusiastic woman appears on the screen. Her outfit, a fabulous and original kimono which is one of the inspiring objects that composes her identity.

Broadcasting was the start point of Sandra’s career in journalism, but fashion called because it was in her DNA. Her father was a tailor, her mother is very creative, and her sister is a fashion designer. Naturally, her career in fashion journalism started from 2006 onwards.

Writing for the creative industry within design, architecture, art, and fashion brought a broad insight into Sandra. She visited amazing venues. When we asked her to describe one place, she named Somerset House, her milestone of covering London Fashion Week. “It’s the place close to my heart”, she describes.  She brought us into her head for memories of that day. When describing her experience at this event, she says: “It is all about being immersed in that environment and identity”.

“I love objects, and I love being around things that inspire me,” she says. With those objects, a story is told which compose her identity. 

Sandra is very careful with labels. Everyone can be an artist, a dancer or a fashionista if they have the opportunity. There is more than trends and collections, there is identity, and likes or dislikes. 

Talking about her style, she refers to things such as a mask that bring a memory of her birthday party; an original suit from the nineties that she still wears now; a pair of earrings from the market in Oxford city.

Lockdown reflection:

After doing a disclaimer of this life-changing moment for the world and a time of reflection for herself. She says: “I’m more accepting and appreciative of who I am”.


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